Don Bergland's work consists of visionary icons portraying human emergence. Archetypal metaphors entwined in myth, metamorphosis, resurrection, and regeneration, document the evolutionary shedding of our current consciousness.

To achieve the proper psychological effect, the image making process centers on the digital construction of 3D models and environments. The world and its emergent figures are carefully modeled, posed, and “photographed.” The resulting images are then taken into digital processing programs for the application of graphic overlays. These simulate dimension, historicity, and internal structure. Recent works focus on the evolving nature of human transformation. As if in an evolutionary journey, these concluded archetypes petrify into rusted husks out of which our constructed future emerges as a proliferating metamorphosis.

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SOLO SHOW - BETWEEN HEAVEN & EARTH - "Don Bergland combines the elements both man-made and organic to present a challenge between the two - these elements serve to inhabit a world that most perceive as full of limitation. These extremely powerful digital images are a testimony to the misperception of most to consider the immediate space they inhabit as the only source of reality in the world! There is an almost apocalyptic battle taking place in the combined and individual consciousness of humanity that this artist has an uncanny hand in revealing in his work. It is actually the battle between God (or the gods!) and Humanity depicted here. It is a reflection of Humanity's striving to understand the nature of reality, forever eluding the beckoning seeds of self-destruction." Director, Caladan Gallery.
BETWEEN HEAVEN & EARTH - "Accompanying this juried exhibition is a solo presentation entitled “Don Bergland: Between Heaven and Earth”. This is an exhibition of digital works by an artist that approaches the human condition in mythological terms. His works depict the ancient struggle between the Creator and the Created, the Past and the Present. Atmospheric and gentle color are set against the agitated images of almost apocalyptic energy. The artist injects an optimistic reference into each piece, although this isn’t immediately evident in the almost tragic depiction of the human condition! Exhibition dates are October 5 – November 4, 2005." Non-Starving Artists - Online Centre for the Arts, Portland, Oregon
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION - FALLOUT - “FallOut” is home to some of the most powerful work in the gallery’s history. Don Bergland is another returning Caladan artist, and is the first in the Gallery’s history to be planning a “return Solo exhibition” in the coming months. His work is absolutely mezmerizing, with the two images in “FallOut” utilizing pattern, repetition, and the personification of inanimate objects as a driving force in his digital images. The result is a questioning of the sense of reality in our environment – a favorite theme for artists, naturally, but in the case of these images, forward thinking; and the viewer is left to form his/her own conclusions." February 5, 2006. Non-Starving Artists - Online Centre for the Arts, Portland,
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION - A WEAVING OF THE SENSES - “The artists participating in the group exhibition “A Weaving of the Senses” have eclectic approaches to the melding of artistic disciplines. Solo Award Winner Don Bergland is showing 2 haunting digital images. These images stir one’s consciousness into an awakened state. “Warsong” in particular, is an arrangement of instruments ordered and destined to let loose the sounds of war. The image readies the mind for the action, seemingly suspended in time, yet naturally progressing towards chaos. It is a very powerful piece.” Nonstarving Artists.com. September News
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION - “These pieces by Don Bergland announce themselves with the passion of sound. It is rare that a piece of work is so evoking of aural imagery, but these are actually creating this energy around themselves. In addition, the irony present in these images, although foreboding and threatening, is actually quite beautiful. The artist has succeeded in enveloping the viewer in an apocalyptic vision injected with faith. Perhaps the images are exaggerated just enough to suggest their own slip of reality, a possible future, but an unlikely one.” - Solo Award Winner - Director, Caladan Gallery.
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION - VISIONARY PATHS - “In these images by Don Bergland, we find ourselves entrapped in the materialization of our own individual psyches. They are as a drug, revealing the tendency of ourselves to be contented in the prisons of our own limitations. Yet this stagnation unleashes the desire for liberation, however cautiously the artist himself approaches the concept of freedom. It is still a gift, as is the need for temperance. It is in this examination of liberation that we sometimes understand the true nature of it.” Director, Caladan Gallery.